The Crimes of Grindelwald—Movie Review

Spoiler-free discussion of the good and bad of the storytelling craft of Crimes of Grindelwald.



Remember: buried treasure is not hard to find, but is hard to notice. —M.M. Watercolor Credit: "Winter Sunrise" by Laura Tasheiko

Update: Brandon Sanderson’s Writing Class

One of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi writers is Brandon Sanderson (if you couldn't already tell from my book reviews page.) Among other things, he is the award-winning author of the Mistborn series, a founding host of the podcast Writing Excuses (which I listen to regularly while I make dinner), and an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University. I... Continue Reading →

The Halloween Tree—Book Review

As always, book reviews are spoiler-free, designed to highlight the the best qualities of a book and examine its weaknesses. The Halloween Tree is a children's book by Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451. The story follows eight boys on a cinematic adventure through time and place on Halloween night. Here's what you should know: Read Aloud—The Halloween Tree begs... Continue Reading →

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