Dos Oruguitas – Sheet Music

I enjoyed the music in Disney's animated feature Encanto. The music, which was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is arranged here as a musicbox-style lullaby to be played on a kalimba, though other C-Major instruments could easily adapt it. Hope you enjoy it! —M.M. dos_oruguitasDownload

Dune—Sheet Music

My favorite film of 2021 was Dune: Part 1. Hans Zimmer did a great job creating a score that sounds both alien and desert-like. This is an arrangement of some of my favorite themes from the score for piano. You can find a PDF of the sheet music below as well as a link to... Continue Reading →

Come Thou Fount—Sheet Music I recently arranged the classic Christian hymn "Come Thou Fount". After several requests, I put together a quick video as well as PDF sheet music, available for free download. This music is appropriate for worship services and concert settings alike. If you choose to use the arrangement, I would ask that you give proper... Continue Reading →

Monarch Dreams

One cocoon, three weeks, and eight monarch dreams later— one windowsill moth. —M.M. Have you checked out @thescifihaiku on Instagram yet? I'm still doing other projects, but that is where most of the exciting stuff if happening these days.Photo Source: Here

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