Smiles in the Sky

A Smile in the Sky


The old woman sat in her chair on the porch,

Surveying the dirty old street.

She bade me come nearer, a tale to tell.

I sat on the steps at her feet.


“When I was young,” the woman began,

“I’d play with my friends in that tree.

We’d climb in its arms and feel of its strength,

And taste of life’s warmth pure and free.


But passing with time, my friends moved away,

To this place or that place and then,

I felt all alone and began to view life,

As a race that I never could win.


Along came a man, so kind and so bright,

That his love rekindled my life.

He bent down on one knee. He asked me to be,

His one, his darling, his wife.


Two children we had, a boy and a girl,

Who swung from that very same tree.

I relished their time, but soon they were grown,

And moved far away from old me.


And then just last year, my husband passed on,

And though I might have felt the dark,

There remained in me, that girl in that tree,

Who hoped with a burning bright spark.


Don’t look on me now with pitying eyes,

Though I look it, I am not downcast.

For I know someday, somehow in some way,

I’ll greet him again as days past.


And he’ll wrap me in hugs, and look in my eyes,

And ask me if I knew that he,

Was standing right by, a smile in the sky,

Loving and waiting for me.”


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