Half the Battle

The parapets were well-equipped,

The battlements safe-guarded,

The walls of this sage citadel,

Prepared to be bombarded.


The ballistae and catapults,

Were primed to make their mark,

The tower keep surveyed the deep,

A sentinel of dark.


Yet no vigil, howe’er sharp,

Absorbs entirely.

Still they believed they were prepared

To thwart the enemy.


The sun slunk up the horizon’s edge,

As pressure piled high,

And through the braggadocio,

They feared that death hung nigh.


The sun snuck up the morning sky,

As morale decayed the day,

And doubt’s disease brought evening,

And fear’s control held sway.


All through the night the hope was leeched,

Until the flow ran dry,

And terror held the hearts of men,

Too afraid to cry.


So live your life in knowing,

That impending battles come,

But fear not to your soul’s defeat,

And half the battle’s won.



If you are having a bad day, remember that having a positive attitude can help enormously. If you are feeling down, draw a picture. I drew this one two years ago.

Occasionally, I lapse into a medieval mood. This usually occurs after I have read an especially moving piece of fantasy. It occurred after I finished Beowulf this last summer. When I get into such a mood, images of stone castles with moss creeping up their sides, knights bearing tattered crimson pennants, and rolling green hills fill the nooks and crannies of my cranium. I am tempted to use thee and thou in conversation. Mostly, I feel an outpouring of imagination, which is where poems like “Half the Battle” originate.

Fear Not!


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