More Than A Story About Spoons

I took it upon myself to write a piece illustrating a personality trait I admire. A sort of parable, if you will. See if you can figure out which trait I am talking about.


Ere Ves Rep


A mountain of a wall.

Intimidating. Thick.

A behemoth and leviathan.

Polished, black, and slick.


“Ere Ves Rep! Ere Ves Rep!”

Came the Captain’s call.

A call to work. A call to work.

Soldiers one and all.


The Captain’s orders clear enough:

The wall must be undone.

Commencing in the morning,

The soldiers and the Sun.


“We have not tools to do the task.

Lo, Battle loometh soon.”

“Have ye none?” the Captain asked.

“We each but have a spoon.”


“Ere Ves Rep! Ere Ves Rep!”

Came the Captain’s call.

The task must be completed,

Though the means are small.

Like one-thousand feathers,

Against a wall of brick,

The men did battle with the wall,

Polished, black, and slick.


“Fruits have we not and ne’er shall have,

If we continue thus.”

One soldier said unto his Lord,

“I speak for all of us.”


“Ere Ves Rep! Ere Ves Rep!”

Came the same reply.

And all throughout the army’s camp,

The men all pondered “Why?”


The Sun returned for seven days,

And still the men scraped on,

Pushing forward with their might,

With motivation wan.


Progress little had they made,

And every soul confessed

As the moon set down the night,

The outlook grim at best.


“Ere Ves Rep! Ere Ves Rep!

At dawn the Captain’s call.

And at His voice, the wall did crack,

And crumble down and fall.


“Ere Ves Rep! Ere Ves Rep!”

A victory to all,

Who tackle the impossible,

And heed the Captain’s call.


The words “Ere Ves Rep” in reverse spell “Persevere.”




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