Dickinson, Short and Quickenson

Emily Dickinson (a poetess of some local renown, I’ve heard tell) wrote some of the most densely packed poems I have ever come across. They are rich in meaning, though judging by their length, one would never suppose it. I respect her for her precise word choice and clever use of punctuation and symbols. After studying several of her poems, I deemed to write my own. Though no where near as mature or deep in nature, I feel they get my point across.


Much to Say and None at All


Much to Say and None at all,

The sticky Shell is shrinking,

Time uncovers Cracks within,

Hollow Foundation’s thinking.




Too Long is Thought


Too long is Thought,

And short is Time.

When reversed,

-Behold- a rhyme!



What’s your favorite 4-liner poem?




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