Long Distance Love and a Ukulele

“Get to You” is a song I wrote on the ukulele. As with all songs, the words are rather lifeless without the music. Music has the ability to portray emotions and subtle nuances that the spoken word cannot. Due to the fact that this was the first song I ever wrote of any merit on the ukulele, it uses simple chords. (CM, GM, FM, and Am with melody or sub-melody finger picking added in.) Each song I write goes through a different creative process. This one started as a desire to write a short, folksy, cheerful song, and ended up that way. This is highly uncommon. Usually, a song starts one way and ends up another. I once wrote a piano song attempting to recreate the mood of the music in a Sherlock Holmes movie I watched and it ended up sounding like something out of Carmen. Go figure. Now I present to you my short ukulele song “Get to You.”

Get to You


Jimmy was a young boy down in Minnesota,

Wonderin’ if she’d gotten all the letters that he wrote her.

‘Cause just last May,

She moved away,

To a city on the sunshine coast.

But that’s just life-

It cuts in like a knife,

When it hurts the most.



When the goin’ gets tough the tough get a-goin’

When it seems love’s away.

And when the road gets rough the rough keep a-rollin’

Lovin’ on anyway.

Love so bright

-A shining light-

Will find you through the darkest night.

Love true.

Will get to you.


Annie Marie in her house by the sea,

Painting pictures of the seaside scenery.

Her thoughts wander back,

To the envelope stack,

And Jimmy’s “Happy Birthday” card.

She sings their song,

And tries to stay strong,

‘Cause leavin’ love behind is hard.




A letter arrived in the mail today,

Jimmy just smiled at what it had to say.

“Though I miss you a ton,

I know you’re the one,

That can understand and see,

That though we’re apart

You’ll be in my heart.

I love you. Love, Annie Marie.”




Love true.

Will get to you.




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