Like Butter

Like Butter


Does she float in water?

She must be a witch.

Does she sink in water?

She must be a witc.

Can she turn you into a newt?

She must be a wit.

Did she lock you in a tower?

She must be a wi.

Did she take your ruby slippers?

She must be a w.

Did she cast a spell on you?

She must be a . . .

Well lookee there,

You melted her.



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  1. Reblogged this on Bulletproof loneliness at best and commented:
    I love how this poems shows how people could judge so easily. This could be compared to the middle ages, where hunting and burning of “witches” was very abundant. In that case even the smallest things you do could lead to misunderstandings and could also cause you harm. Because speaking, I’m pretty sure they aren’t witches. And in the world now, stereotyping is widespread and instinctive. We don’t realize what we say would hurt the people we talk about. I don’t know if this is exactly what the poem was about, but this is my interpretation, which, in that sense, makes the poem not “lazy” writing, but painfully realistic.


  2. I’m glad you liked it lazygem. I wrote the poem mainly for ironic humor. (The “float in water” test leading to the “you melted her” result.) It was meant to be lighthearted by referencing Monty Python, Oz, and fairytales. On a deeper level, it was a bit of a satire on how people sometimes come to unforseeable conclusions. I’m glad you picked up on satire part. Thanks for reading actively! I never thought of it as a satire on stereotyping, but that makes a lot of sense. Re-reading it with that in mind, I can totally see your view. I love how many people can read one simple poem (or not so simple) and learn completely different things from it.


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