A Walnut and an Almond


A walnut and an almond sat in heated discourse,

Each refusing to retreat even when attacked,

When finally it came to head, the Walnut fired back,

“You sir, Mr. Almond, clearly, you are cracked.”

The Almond calmly took the blow

And smugly answered, “What?

At least sir, Mr. Walnut,

At least I’m not the nut.”


This is nuts. 30 posts and 15 followers. Not bad for a one-month-old blog. As I continue this blog, I would like to publish more of what you, the reader, want to read. So, if you have a special liking for a particular post and would like to read more along the lines of that favorite post, leave me a comment. If you really want, you can make a request or, better yet, challenge me to a writing competition. (They say Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was written as a contest to write the best ghost story.) If you love or hate all of my writing, you could comment on that too.

Regardless, please accept my regards.




2 thoughts on “Nuts

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  1. Thanks for following through on your word Anansi the Poet! I’m glad you liked it. I think I shall check out some more of your blog. I’ve throroughly enjoyed what I’ve seen of it thus far.


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