Customer Service

Customer Service


I walked up to the counter

Where the woman sat unflinching,

She heaved a sigh,

A moan at the sky,

To tell me that she felt like Grinching.


The lump of a woman barked, “What d’ya want?”

But before I could answer her question,

She groused, “Can’t that ol’ guy

Stop whistling? Lord why?

I should have police come arrestin’.”


I plucked up my courage and asked her point blank,

“Where can I find a restroom?”

Then she raised her eye,

And I thought I might die.

All she needed was black hat and witch broom.


Then she said to me without any remorse,

“Who am I? A guide in some costume?

To pester with junk,

To treat like a skunk-

So I say that there is no restroom.”


And so with a roll of her of her one working eye,

For the other was glass,

She returned to her shell,

Like a devil to . . . Well,

Now I know which desk to pass.




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