I Wish I Were

Weekly Post Challenge: I Wish I Were

I’d always heard of people spacing important dates- birthdays, anneversaries, and even President’s day- but I’d never considered forgetting something so fundamental as today. I suppose it all began when I decided what to wear today.

In the spirit of spontinaety, I reached into my closet, fishing around for a surprise t-shirt. My hand closed around some soft cotten folds, and I withdrew a grey “A Charlie Brown Christmas!” shirt from the depths of the closet. “Why not?” I thought. “What could possibly go wrong?” I hadn’t worn the thing in about a year, and it was sure to get noticed by my friends. I slipped it over my head and floated to the kitchen for a hearty bowl of Cheerio’s.

When I got to school my friend, Gary, a football guru, was sporting an Angry Birds t-shirt and a matching red cape. “Under-achieving as usual, Joseph?” Gary said, elbowing me. I thought nothing of the jab, though I should have noticed at that point.

Clueless as ever I floated into first period. “Hey J!” called Samantha as soon as I crossed the threshhold of my physics class. “Forget something today?” I glanced at the board. “Pumpkin Chunkin’ Lab today!” was scrawled across the whiteboard in the usual orange expo marker.

I actually hadn’t forgotten the lab. I sat down at my desk and as Mr. Victor walked by.

“Nice costume, Joseph!” he said, clapping me on the back. “I love your premature enthusiasm.”

It took a couple seconds to sink in, but it did.

Seeing my blank face, Samantha said, “What? You didn’t forget Halloween did you?”

I wish I hadn’t. I felt my face turn Angry-Bird-red.

I wish I were wearing a real costume today, instead of a Christmas t-shirt.





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