Something Epic On Its Way

Instead of National Novel Writing Month, I have decided to participate in my own month-long challenge. I am in the middle of writing an ‘epic’ poem. I call it NaPoWriMo (National Poem Writing Month). 100 or more stanzas featuring standard elements of the epic form. I have chosen a male hero on a quest, a prophecy, a monster or two, a kingdom, a king, a dark forest, a castle, a bit of magic, and swords and shields. I chose to write (mostly) in ABAB rhyme-scheme four-line stanzas. While the story may seem a bit simple, my hope is that it will be an entertaining little read.

I will not post it in entirety in one post (as that would take forever to read). Instead, I intend to release it by “Book” (or Chapter/Section) in December. If you were wondering why I have been posting fairly infrequently the last few weeks, well, now you know why. I am hard at work.

For those involed in NaNoWriMo: Keep on keeping on! I commend your audacity. (And hope you plan on using December to edit your novel!)

For a small taste, I give you the first four stanzas of the epic poem. I chose not to ‘invoke the Muses’ because my story is not Greek in nature. It is more Beowulf-esque. Instead I invite the reader to listen or read the story.

Thanks for stopping by!



Book I

Travelest thou by lantern’s light,

Twixt snagging trees and brush,

O’er marshy moor and darkest trail,

In Danger’s drunken night?


Travelest thou to lakeside’s shore,

‘Neath beaming moon and star,

With ripples lapping on the sand,

Still ebbing evermore?


Layest thou thine subtle sail,

Via dread canoe,

With silent oars and passengers,

Where mortal hearts doth quail?


If Adventure is thine end,

Seek on, fair traveler, Seek.

The Afterhere is treacherous.

My wish to thee I send.


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