An Introduction to the Rubik’s Cube

Many people find it absolutely mind-boggling that a normal human being can solve a Rubik’s cube. But here’s the truth: It’s not that hard.

Sure, it takes some practice, but if you take the time, you will be able to astonish almost anyone (except those people who understand that it is really not that hard to master The Cube.) In this post I am going to present some simple Rubik’s cube FUNdamentals. (Yes. It’s a terrible pun. I know that and you know that. Can we move on now?)

  1. There are 6 sides to a cube: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, and Blue. You can tell what color a side is by the center square. The locations of these sides never change.
  2. White is ALWAYS opposite Yellow. Orange is ALWAYS opposite Red. Green is ALWAYS opposite Blue.
  3. Middle edge pieces (middles) will never be corners. Corners will never be middles. Centers, as stated above, are constant.
  4.  Each piece of the cube has a specific “address”. For example, the Blue, White, and Orange corner should end up when the cube is solved where the Blue, White, and Orange sides meet. Likewise, the Red and Green middle will need to end up in the middle position between the Red and Green faces of the cube.

Knowing these four truths makes the cube immensely less confusing.

Click here to move to the next section. Questions? Leave a comment.

This is a picture of a Rubik’s cube without the moving pieces. See? The centers are constant! Can you predict the colors of the sides you cannot see in the photograph?



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