Solving the Plus

If you missed the introduction to the Rubik’s cube, click here.

Note: For our purposes, we will call the White side the top and the Yellow the bottom. I will refer to the horizontal layers from top to bottom as the Top, Horizontal Middle, and Bottom layer. The vertical layers will be called the Right-hand, Left-hand, and the Vertical Middle layer. Please read “Introduction to the Rubik’s Cube” before starting on this set of instructions, otherwise it will be very confusing and frustrating.

Place the cube in front of you with the White side up. We are going to be solving for the middle edge pieces on the White face to create a plus-sign (+).

  1. Locate the 4 White middle edge pieces. They will be in one of three places: On the Top, Middle Horizontal, or Bottom Layer.
  2. Once you locate the White middles figure out the address for each piece.
  3. If the middle is already in the Top with the White side facing up, rotate the Top so that the middle is at its proper address.
  4. If the middle is on the Bottom with the White side facing down, rotate the Bottom until the middle is directly beneath its address.  Rotate the side face containing both the middle and the address 2 turns (180 degrees) to get the White middle to the Top.
  5. If the middle is in the Horizontal Middle layer, turn the cube so that the White side of the middle piece is facing you. Relocate the middle’s address and turn the Top so that the address location and the middle are in the same left-hand or right-hand layer. Rotate that left or right layer up 1 turn (90 degrees). Return the Top to its original orientation.
  6.  If the middle is in the Top but the White side is not facing up, rotate the side containing the middle piece 2 turns (180 degrees), so the White piece is in the Bottom. Continue to Step 8 to solve.
  7. If the middle is in the Bottom with the White side facing out, turn the middle so that it is directly beneath its address. The following move is very important, so pay attention. Turn the Bottom 1 turn (90 degrees) either left or right. (You can choose). Turn the Vertical Middle layer down 1 turn (90 degrees). Turn the Bottom back 1 turn (right if you chose left or left if you chose right.) I call this “loading” the middle into its address. Return the Vertical Middle layer to starting position by turning it up 1 turn (90 degrees.) Think “Away Down Load Up” if that helps you.

By employing these 8 steps, you should easily solve the Plus! Good luck!

Challenge: Try to solve the plus on a side other than White!


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