Mind Games

The power of the human brain is amazing. Our imaginations work so well, we can will into existence any illogical conclusion we like. Today’s humorous poem should make that clear enough.

Mind Games

 Your mind plays tricks on you all day,

And gets you every time.

I ask another name for lemons,

You tell me a lime.


“Not fair! Not fair!” you protest,

“That simply isn’t true!”

“Oh yeah?” I ask in trickery,

Then three plus one is ___.


Two? Two? That’s not right.

Clearly it was four,

Still, you come back again,

Back again for more.


Some like ice in summer heat,

Others like it not,

Some like ice cold and chill,

Others like ice ­­­___.


Heated ice? What a joke.

Silly to the core.

The opposite of ground,

Clearly is the _____.


Floored I am. Yes indeed.

You must be insane,

To think all of those crazy things,

Make sense inside your brain.


When the sun is high above,

Everything is light,

When the sun is in the sky,

Still you say it’s _____.


Yes, good night to reason,

And I still wonder why,

When you could just tell the fib,

You decide to tell the ­­___.


Lie down. Take a nap.

You clearly need some rest.

Of all the worst to play this game,

Clearly you’re the ____.



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