The Rocket Ship Move

The Rocket Ship Move

Note: For our purposes, we will call the White side the top and the Yellow the bottom. I will refer to the horizontal planes from top to bottom as the Top, Horizontal Middle, and Bottom. The vertical layers will be called the Right-hand, Left-hand, and the Vertical Middle.

Pre-requisite: Solve the cube so that top, bottom, and one side side are solved. You have probably used The J Move to get this far. (For help, see past posts under Rubik’s Cube.)

  1. Turn the cube up-side down (yellow side up). Put the solved side face in the back. This is a story move, so hang on for the ride.
  2. To start, build the rocket ship. Turn the front 180 degrees. Turn the top either right 1 turn, or left 1 turn, which ever choice creates a rocket ship on the front of the cube.
  3. Blast off. Turn both the left-hand and right-hand sides 1 turn down.
  4. Something goes wrong. Turn the front 180 degrees.
  5. The rocket ship lands again. Turn both the right-hand and left-hand sides 1 turn up.
  6. Solve the cube. Turn the top 1 turn right or left, whichever solves the front of the cube. Turn the front 180 degrees. The cube is done! Congrats!
  7. Go show off to some gullible person who will believe you are a genius.
  8. Remember: Upside down. Build the rocket ship, blast off, something goes wrong, the rocket ship lands, solve the cube.

Challenge: Solve the whole cube in 5 minutes or less. Go for under 2 if you can. My personal record is one minute and 5 seconds.

Next I am going to teach you how to make some cool designs on the cube to further impress the innocent masses.

Questions? Comments? Has anyone actually been learning the cube, or am I just recording my knowledge so I can remember?



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