The Checkerboard, Snake-eyes, and the Fish

Checkerboard and Snake-eyes and the Fish

Note: For our purposes, we will call the White side the top and the Yellow the bottom. I will refer to the horizontal planes from top to bottom as the Top, Horizontal Middle, and Bottom. The vertical layers will be called the Right-hand, Left-hand, and the Vertical Middle.

Pre-requisite: A solved Rubik’s cube. (For help solving, see past posts under Rubik’s Cube.)

The Checkerboard pattern is very simple.

  1. Turn the left-hand and right-hand side 180 degrees.
  2. Turn the top and bottom side 180 degrees.
  3. Turn the front and back side 180 degrees.
  4. Undoing the move is the same thing. You can do steps 1-3 in any order. It doesn’t matter, as long as you do Parallel 180’s in every direction.

Snake-eyes is also an easy pattern.

  1. Start with a solved cube.
  2. Turn the Vertical Middle up 1 turn.
  3. Rotate the rotate the entire cube to the right.
  4. Turn the Vertical Middle up 1 turn on that side.
  5. Rotate the entire cube to the right again and turn the Vertical Middle up 1 turn.
  6. Repeat step f 5 two more times. (for a total of 4 “Vertical Middle up 1 turns”).
  7. Undo the move by using the same pattern, rotating the cube to the left.

Challenge: Try solving the cube into one of these patterns from the beginning. (Don’t start with a solved cube, rather solve the cube into one of the patterns above.)


Fish Pattern Challenge

This is the hardest Pattern to solve the cube into. Good luck.

Fish Pattern

Anyone up for the 2 by 2 or 4 by 4 cube? Or maybe even the 5 by 5?

Happy Solving!



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