The Epic of Solemnon III


Then, at length, the Hero came,

Into a darkish wood,

With scowled trees and clenching mud,

More Evilness than Good.


The branches raked the dimming light,

The silence like a sword,

Amplified his breathing,

His crunching footfalls loud.


Then upon his journey thus,

He came upon a stump,

Upon which sat a frightened lad,

A lad by name of Thump.


The Hero hailed the tiny lad,

Who hopped off of his stool,

“Please sir! Take me with you sir!

The forest here is cruel.”


“Tell me now, if thou canst,

How thou ended here,

All alone, without a friend,

To calm thine Heart and Fear.”


Then in quaking, shaking cries,

The small lad answered he,

“Sir! It was the Thanator,

He was after me!”


“Pray, what is thine name, young sir,

And from whence dost thou hail?”

“Sir, I come from Atherley,

Back down this horrid trail.”


“My name is Thump, an orphan child,

My mother I know not,

Nor father, brother, sister, thus,

Myself is all I’ve got.”


“Well, Young Thump, come now with me,

And tell me thy strange tale.

I’d mind not companionship,

On the darkish trail.”



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