The Epic of Solemnon IV


The nanny at the orphanage,

Who called herself Maurice,

Fulfilled Thump’s need for parentage,

And to his life brought peace.


Maurice told the orphan lad,

Of evils from the king,

How once the people laughed and played,

And bells once used to ring.


Locked away inside his keep,

King Braekenett withdrew,

Directing his dark forces,

As Foreboding grew anew.


Then one day It stormed the town,

Why, it was not clear,

To all it was a mystery,

That only swelled the fear.


“She taught me sir!” cried young Thump,

“To snoop and sneak and spy,

To scale gates and shadow-stalk,

To listen and to pry.”


“And so I came to spy at night,

To climb the twisted gate,

To scurry up the heavy hedge,

And ‘neath the window wait.”


“Nightly I brought my report,

To her open, willing ear:

‘You, my Thump, may be the one,

To end this kingdom’s fear.’”


“What didst thou learn, my little sir?”

Solemnon prompted then,

“What of plans and treachery,

Of secret works of men?”


“I saw within the Castle gates,

King Braekenett at dark,

Conversing with a figure,

Most ominous and stark.”


“A hooded, cloaked spirit.

Shadows wrapped its face.

It floated just above the ground,

Apart the king a pace.”


“I could not hear the words betwixt,

I saw the kingly crown bend down,

In permission, so thought I,

It left without a sound.”


“Once the spectre drifted off,

The king paced within the halls,

A frown upon his kingly brow.

I then escaped the walls.”


“Then, that night I once again,

Beheld the rotten form,

Of that ghastly, ghostly Thing,

In the doorway of my dorm.”


“It loomed a beat and turned away,

Its hooded, horrid head,

And for the fear that gripped me then,

I could not leave my bed.”


“In the morn to all dismay,

Maurice was not around,

As the monster in the night,

She twas not to be found.”


“Soon rumors spread to orphan ears,

Of this Evil’s name.

This Thanator who stalks the night,

The one. The very same.”



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