The Epic of Solemnon V


“In the night, I stole away,

With rope and purpose true,

To travel to the castle to,

Maurice’s safe rescue.”


“I saw her silhouetted form,

In lighted castle tower,

But before I could begin,

Clocks told the witching hour.”


“Then saw I the ghostly form,

Of that dreaded, haunting spirit,

Gliding toward me effortless,

So soft no ear could hear it.”


“And so in fear I ran and ran,

Pursued from Atherley,

And only stopped upon this stump

To rest, and thence came thee.”


“This wickedness must be undone!

I thank thee for this story,

For I, Solemnon, as foretold,

Shall save the kingdom’s glory.”


“I do not fear this Thanator,

Though leery, I am sure.

I’m fated here to intervene,

With heart and purpose pure.”


Thus the pair continued on,

In deep and darkish wood.

The Light of day regressing fast-

Strangled Light of Good.


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