The Epic of Solemnon VIII-IX


Carver’s short performance,

Brought a strong applause,

Then the leader raised his hand,

Time briefly seemed to pause.


“I don’t believe I introduced,

Myself to ye as yet.

I lead this band of miscreants;

My name is Everett.”


“We seek ter thwart the Thanator,

The same ye seek to beat,

We’re now en route ter find the King,

His knowledge most complete.”


“The King will know how and why,

The Thanator has come,

What it wants, and how to drive,

It back ter where it’s from.”


“Perhaps, we then should join thine quest.

We seek a common end,

And united, our power grows,

A strength in newfound friend.”



In the morn the camp packed up,

And Everett led the way,

Hacking ‘cross the forest floor,

Till they broke from dark to day.


Before them lay a river vast,

The wild River Quirth,

Though placid at its surface,

The depths a swirling dearth.


Solemnon’s shield faintly then,

Glowed a pale blue.

The words of the ancient one,

Returned then to his view:


“Have compassion in thy walk.

Leave good deeds in thy wake.

Traverse thou always on dry ground.

Ne’er the earth forsake.”


Then Everett spake to all,

“Beyond this river wide,

The king is hidden in the dark.

I shall be yer guide.”


Solemnon voiced his qualms aloud,

“I do not wish to go,

Across the River Quirth today.

My spirit warns me no.


“A prophet man upon the road,

Forbid me leave dry ground,

My shield too, a warning gives,

That danger lurks around.”


“Oh, ‘tis nothing,” said Carver then,

“You shall not touch the wet,

Safe and dry within a boat.

Come, you’ll not regret.”


“Your shield senses water near,

And merely glows to save,

From the threat of darkest death,

In a wat’ry grave.”


“But no! You shall not come to harm,

And I know you’ll agree,

These canoes are sturdy-strong.

Cross with bravery.”


And from the undergrowth they pulled,

Several dread canoes,

And set sail across the Quirth,

O’er its swirling blues.


They safely, gently reached the shore,

And quickly disembarked,

And traveled on into the wood.

Soon Everett remarked:


“Here upon the left I see,

The entrance ter the cave.

Please men, keep yer wits.

Stay sharp, stay strong, stay brave.”


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