The Epic of Solemnon XI


“I wanted naught but happiness,

To be free from every care,

To live my life in perfect bliss,

To find a peace most rare.”


“I read one day in ancient text,

How man possessed two parts:

A part for good and light and cheer,

Which dwellest in all hearts.”


“Another part for dark and shame,

Revenge and misery,

Fights against the half of light,

To reach a victory.”


“I also found an ancient speel,

I hoped would serve my cause,

To separate the good from bad,

And thus remove my flaws.”


An end to fear and doubt and pain,

To sadness and to woe,

To anger and to malice fierce,

But Oh! I did not know,


That the evil half of me,

Would hate me even more,

And unleash his vengeance as,

That cursed Thanator.”


“The Thanator stands in my place-

An evil shade of me-

And here I lie, an empty husk,

Of what I used to be.”


“For though I have no malice,

I still suffer grief,

For unleashing such a fiend,

In that moment brief.”


Everett reache out one hand,

To Braekenett he said,

“Will you help us in our quest,

To fix this kingdom’s dread.”


“To undo a past mistake,

And right a sorry wrong,

To relieve the people’s cries,

Against that fiend so strong.”


“I will,” said he and clasped the hand,

And staggered to his feet.

“The Afterhere is dangerous,

But my heart is meet.”


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