The Epic of Solemnon XV


The Thanator led the way,

Through the castle maze.

Out a small and rusty door,

Into the evening haze.


Far below the castle grounds,

Down the grassy hills,

Nestled fearful Atherley,

Its shops and streets and mills.


The two approached a mossy, tall,

Lonely, stony, tower,

Whose dilapidation spoke,

Of a decaying power.


Thisss isss where I leave you now.

The key isss in the door.

Please accept thiss gift from me,

Known in Legend’s lore.

With a snap the circle closed,

And then by small degree,

Solemnon felt his strength return,

Power surging free.


It grew and swelled, then pulsed and raged,

Past any former state,

Solemnon fell upon his knees,

From the power’s weight.


And then the power bursting forth,

Displayed itself in change,

Physically and mentally,

All was new and strange.


Longer, taller, sharper, stronger,

He saw his features shift,

He felt his breath upon his face.

What was this bracelet gift?


The animalistic power peaked,

Then abruptly it did cease.

Solemnon collapsed in weakness.

The storm inside turned peace.


Hov’ring near, the Thanator,

Proclaimed his words to air:

I now commend thee, Hero, Dragon,

The captivesss to thine care.


He left Solemnon shackled with,

The bracelet round one claw.

Solemnon still too weak to fight,

Too weak to ope’ his jaw.


Solemnon the Dragon.

Solemnon the Slave.

He of silver scales of light.

Still passionate and brave.


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