The Epic of Solemnon XVI


From the tower’s lonely view,

Thump watched the morning rise.

Then from below there shined a light,

Which made him shield his eyes.


Light reflecting off the scales,

Of the thing below.

“Maurice,” said Thump uncertainly,

“I think you ought to know,”


“There is now a dragon,

Guarding our tall tower.”

In the valley far below,

A clock bell rang the hour.


“Well, my Thump, we must renew,

Our so-far fruitless search,

To escape these prison walls,

Or climb down from this perch.”


All morning long they felt the walls,

Rugged, stone, and bare,

The floor and every crevice,

For something anywhere.


“Over here!” Maurice called,

Pulling at the wall.

“This bit feels slightly lose.

Maybe it shall fall.”


The two combined their efforts,

And with a crunching groan,

A hidden door swung open,

Revealing steps of stone.


Quickly down, around, around,

Down around again,

Until they reached a passageway,

Which ascended more and then,


The duo found themselves  inside,

The ancient castle cellar,

Amidst the kegs and barrels dark,

With smells much less than stellar.


“We should find Solemnon!

I know he must be here.

I saw him to the castle brought.

I know he must be near!”


Thump and Maurice slunk slowly,

Their way out the trap door,

And as silent as they could,

They stalked the castle floor.


In a closet dank and dark,

Thump perceived a glow.

Blue and soft, it led him on.

Why, he did not know.


But yes! Yes! It was the shield,

And sword of legend true,

Solemnon’s bright and trusting blade,

And shield glowing blue.


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