The Epic of Solemnon XVII


“Thump, my child, we cannot stay.

The danger only grows.

Every second spent in here,

Encourages our foes.”


“Solemnon must be nearby now,

I feel it in my heart,”

Thump remarked to Maurice.

“We cannot yet depart.”


An alarum sounded then,

The trumpets brazen call,

Signalling the castle gaurds,

To come defend the wall.


“Our time is spent, my child dear.

The Hero’s beyond us.

Now we must save ourselves,

And escape the castle thus.”


Snatching up the sword and shield,

Thump followed dear Maurice,

Out of the castle maze,

Into the sunlit peace.


But no, it was not peace they found,

Instead a battle scene.

The forest men of Everett,

In their garb of green.


Were fighting soldiers with their bows,

By dagger, knife, and sword,

And in the midst of the fray,

That evil, ghastly lord.


Carver too, and Braekenett,

Thump also recognized,

Whirling in the battle heat,

To action galvanized.


The dragon too had joined the fight,

And straining at his chain,

Was breathing fiery streams of flame,

Like smoky, molten rain.


Carver charged the dragon then,

With his weapon high,

And for the briefest moment saw,

Vengeance in its eye.


Without a thought the dragon breathed,

Him to an ashen heap.

The storyteller was no more,

Condemned to endless sleep.


And Everett recalling then,

Carver’s tale anew,

Took advantage of a gap,

And darted his way through.


And then, just as the Squire of Threst,

He swung his mighty sword,

And broke the giant, curséd chain.

The dragon loudly roared.


A brilliant flash and there he lay,

Solemnon on the ground.

Thump dropped the sword and shield and ran,

For Solemnon had been found.


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