The Epic of Solemnon XVIII


While the battle briefly paused,

At the brilliant flash,

The Thanator seized the chance,

And swooped a sudden dash.


He hefted high the hero’s sword,

And with an evil yell,

Returned into the battle,

His enemy to fell.


Oh Braekenett, the shadow hissed,

I sssense that you know why,

You are here—to ssseal your end,

To sssuffer and to die!


For with your death, I shhhall be free,

And thusss I cannot fail.

You who made me feel this way,

With death shhhall end this tale.


Battling bravely Braekenett,

Tried to beat the fiend,

But the Thanator was faster,

His sword a blur that gleamed.


And with a finally deadly blow,

The Thanator won out,

And Braekenett died instantly,

Not a cry or shout.


Solemnon’s sword fell to the ground.

The Thanator fell back,

As if he had fallen by,

Invisible attack.


For with the King’s own passing on,

The Thanator had too,

Ensured that it would meet its end.

Then, as if on cue,


The fighting ceased in disbelief.

The Thanator collapsed.

A shadow folding on itself,

As if time had relapsed.


The Kingdom’s terror was no more,

And soon the people would,

Laugh and play and cry and love,

For triumphant Good.


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