The Epic of Solemnon XIX


As the old King’s brother,

Everett was in line,

For the Kingdom’s highest seat,

A feast was set to dine.


In the castle’s greatest hall,

By warmth and firelight,

To celebrate the new-made king.

All was new and bright.


Present at the table,

The Prophet of the road,

Rose upon his frail feet,

With hair and eyebrows snowed.


“King Everett, my blessings take.

Rule with Trust and Good.

Protect this simple kingdom,

As thou knowst thou should.”


“Maurice, I wish thee all the best,

Returning to thine post,

Serving at the orphanage.

Please accept my toast.”


“Solemnon, Hero, why didst thou,

Disobey advice?

If it had not been for these,

Thou still would pay the price.”


“With Thump as thine apprentice,

I know thou find a way,

To, with true exactness,

Fulfill the words I say:”


Travelest thou by lantern’s light,

Twixt snagging trees and brush,

O’er marshy moor and darkest trail,

In Danger’s drunken night?


Travelest thou to lakeside’s shore,

‘Neath beaming moon and star,

With ripples lapping on the sand,

Still ebbing evermore?


Layest thou thine subtle sail,

Via dread canoe,

With silent oars and passengers,

Where mortal hearts doth quail?


If Adventure is thine end,

Seek on, fair traveler, Seek.

The Afterhere is treacherous.

My wish to thee I send.


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