A 100 Post Adventure

We made it! This is the 100th post! And what a ride it has been!

Thank you, to all of you, newcomers and oldcomers alike, for stopping by and sharing in my day. It means the world to me that people are interested in what I have to say, so, on for this 100th day post I would like to hear from you. What do you most enjoy? Poems? Essays? Stories? Do you like fantasy/adventure like The Epic of Solemnon or witty/humor pieces like Mind GamesOr perhaps you like the “deeper thought” pieces like Smiles in the Sky and Half the Battle? Or, maybe you don’t like any of it. (I’d especially like to know what you don’t like.) In order to make this blog the best it can be, I would like your help.

After you read today’s poem feel free to “spill your thoughts” below.

Thanks for sharing in my adventure!

Photo Source http://www.breakaway-adventures.com/images

Just to Set Sail


Adventure! Adventure! Adventure Today!

We’re just to set sail!

Do you know the way?


There’s monsters that snatch,

And hooks that catch,

And giants playing a volleyball match.

There’s deadly green poison,

And jealous despair,

And traitors and magic,

And tigers. Beware!

Invisible elves and elephant sounds,

Tremors and creaking,

And rusty fair grounds.

Dragons and treasure,

And puzzling rhymes,

Friendship and true love,

And Justice and Crimes.


What was that? Come again?

Fine then. Stay home.

Just like a cowardly gardening gnome.


What? Come again?

You’re changing your mind?

Oh! Just Imagine the Adventures we’ll find!



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