Got Gumption?


It’s Great if You’ve Got Gumption


It’s great if you’ve got gumption,

Good if you’ve got game.

Go-getters get gold medals,

But me? I feel the shame.


I just sit and google,

And ogle at the screen.

I’m just like a yellow light,

Who never turns to green.


It’s not that I lack patience,

It’s not that I lack time,

My apathetic lethargy,

Is my only crime.


So much to do it’s such a sin,

To sit. and sit. and sit.

So should I stop this silly game?

Should I save and quit?


If only to make memories,

If only to have fun,

If only to lift this weight,

I’ll go and get things done.


Not later, not tomorrow,

Not to say I got it done.

I have a life. I’ll live it.

And maybe have some fun.




7 thoughts on “Got Gumption?

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  1. Now this one I really and truely like. I have gumption! I did know what gumption was. I am not obsesive I have gumption. I dont procrastinate I have gumption. I am not chasing my tail I have gumption. I dont care if my multiple projects on my computer ever gets done. I prayed the prayer of Jabez. As I sit, and sit, and sit some more the Lord keeps increasing my teritory. God bless His heart. He gave me gumption and gumption is its own reward. How can I ask God for more?


        1. Oh no! I couldn’t rap to save my life. (Actually, if my life depended on it I would do my best imitation of rapping.) I agree that rap is a modern form of poetry. I have no taste for rap about drugs, gangs, love, and that sort of thing (which I find repetative and crass) but I do like clever raps which take completely unrhymable words and make them sound like they rhyme. For that, rap has my respect, although, given the choice I gravitate toward other modes of expression.


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