Tip of the Tongue

Recently, I learned that deja vu is not the only “vu” out there. The knowledge felt familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it…

This poem was inspired by one of the other “vu”s.


Tip of the Tongue


The doctor called it…


I just lost it.

You know. That one…

Like when you can’t remember the word.

Your brain blocks the answer it needs.

What was it called?

I can’t believe it. I promise,

I knew it a second ago.

You can’t remember either?

Well, we’ll just have to remember later.


So after the doctor’s,

I went to the grocery store.

—bananas, eggs, bread—the usual.

And when I got to check out,

There was only one lane open and

So I had to wait

For twenty minutes behind

The poor woman cradling a crying baby

And her fiver-year-old son

Singing “It’s a Small World”

Over. And Over. And Over. Again.

It started to feel like deja…


Wait! I’ve got it!


Presque Vu!





P.S.    Here is a really cool video which might help you understand the other “vu”s.



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