To the Sushi Lover

This poem is a response to a poem by Andrew Marvell called “To His Coy Mistress”. You can read it here, or you can just enjoy the response as a stand-alone piece.


To the Sushi Lover


Had we but world enough and time,

I would not harken to your rhyme.

You speak of  loving all the day,

But sadly, I don’t feel that way.

I’d run to Indian Ganges’ side,

If only from you I could hide.

This sushi love — it cannot grow.

So cold. So dead. Why don’t you know?

Had you ten years or eighty-eight,

You still would find me full of hate.

I wish Time’s cart would run you o’er,

Then I would be free! Evermore.

Thy putrid breath would never cloud,

This world, if you were cloaked in shroud.

So as I live in fear, I run,

And I can never be your one.

Long as we travel round the sun,

Until your death, I’ll always run.




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