So Sorry Shakespeare




I once tried iambic pentameter,

But could not uphold the parameter.

Hard as I tried,

It never complied,

So I wrote it in Limerick-ameter.




2 thoughts on “So Sorry Shakespeare

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  1. I find limerick meter easier too, but Shakespeare also had his failings!

    Shakespeare’s men couldn’t cut it, I fear,
    Not Hamlet, Macbeth nor King Lear;
    Lady Mac was much steelier,
    Portia, Cordelia;
    The kings and the knights were small beer.



  2. Hoho! Very nice. Very nice.

    Actuallly find Shakespeare quite brilliant at times. I mean, the guy invented the word “upstairs” for goodness’ sake!

    Because I naturally speak/read in American English, it’s difficult for me to understand how “steelier” and “Cordelia” rhyme. But then I remember Shakespeare was English, and it all makes sense.

    Funny how rhymes change depending on where you are in the world, isn’t it?



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