I, the Aspiring

I, the Aspiring


I tried.

I really did my best, you know.

The best me.

So there’s really no way I could have failed.


For cleverness,

I added two in coconuts,

And one for spice.

A Clever in C.


Take my brand,

Or leave it.

Someone’s bound

To love it.

My sunny-sideways style.


Hold on a sec—

There’s a four-part freestyle folksong

Filibustering in my brain

And it won’t go ‘til I flip it out.

Flip. flop.

Where was I again?


Just because I floundered,

Grasping (or gasping) at the inexpressible Though

On the tip of my…

—like the dark half of the

moon you almost see when

the crescent smiles smugly, knowingly,

and you can’t see it—



Don’t deduct, distrust, or dislike the lot.

For someday I know

I will be really realized.

Because this.



This is me.





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