The Trouble with Funny


The Trouble with Funny


Some people crack jokes about money,

Or flirt to get laughs- Hey Honey.

Some scream and some shout,

Or dance all about,

But the truth is it’s hard to be funny.




2 thoughts on “The Trouble with Funny

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  1. I have a great sense of humor.
    How can people live without one.
    How would you like to be Gods Jester?
    If I don’t make Him laugh
    He will kill me.
    He has come very close.
    Who else wan’ts the job.

    I can make people laugh too.
    (forget the rest they don’t get it)
    I like to criticize people equally.
    Behind thier backs,
    with certain friends,
    Speaking publically,
    Or to my self.
    (in university I found out it’s okay)

    Sometimes I come home after a bout of Public Speaking only to discover that I have been talking about myself!

    Is that funny or what? The jokes on me. Fortunately I can laugh at myself too! If you get my drift don’t tell God or anybody else either. They might get mad at me.

    Boy, I wish I was a good writer…


  2. I love how each person has a different sense of humor. It can be very jarring to experince a stranger’s sense of humor for the first time, but once you warm up to them, I find that most people, deep down, have a clever comedian lurking beneath the surface.


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