I Wish, for You, all Happiness


I Wish, for You, all Happiness


I wish, for you, all happiness,

And many sweet returns,

That even when the clock hands rust,

Your love still ever burns.


That even when the party’s done,

And the spotlight’s dim,

You’ll still celebrate each day,

All your life with him.


I hope you’ll take the time to laugh,

The time to make your bed,

The time to pass “I love you” notes,

And after all is said,


Know that life is exponential,

Up and up it goes,

Up with  patience, up with peace,

Up your love still grows.


I see you stand before me now.

A heroine. A friend.

In white you look so beautiful,

Though now it’s not pretend.


No more childish fantasies

—Prince Charming on his steed—

He is far more real to you,

Than any man you’ll read.


I wish, for you, all happiness,

And give one gift to you,

Take this with you when you’re off:

You’re family loves you too.



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