For the Want of Water


For the Want of Water


For the want of water

The servant of the queen

Desired of her mistress

To quench her thirsting distress

From the fountain of the queen.


The queen was proud and proper

And prudently could not

Deem her silly servant

To stir the waters fervently

Meant solely for the queen.


Bowing with humility

The servant left the scene,

Retiring to her quarters

With the other royal porters

Who served the selfish queen.


Later, when the sun was high

The queen was feeling parched,

And thought to take her royal cup

To pause and draw the water up

From the fountain of the queen.


When she dipped her cup beneath

The surface of the cool,

There sounded a resounding crack

Which found the water spreading black

Across the courtyard of the queen.


She never drew her water,

For she could not command

—As the water drained away

Until the fountain empty lay—

The water to her hand.


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