Let it Go

Let it Go


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  1. why does does everyone on the internet have to make sheet music in a video!? what happened to printables!!!!??? thx anyway.


    1. Hello @Anonymous!

      Thank you for the suggestion to add lyrics. I have added a link to a pdf copy of the “Let it Go” sheet music with the English lyrics. It can be found here:


      As far as using this sheet music with the violin goes, I would be astounded if one violin could play all the notes on the page. (At least impractical, if not impossible.) This arrangement was created for the piano. However, if you follow the melody line with the words (usually the highest note) you should be able to play the melody on the violin. You could have a friend or teacher play the rest of the notes and it would probably make for a pretty fun duet.

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!



    1. Nope, no C-sharp needed here! But that is ok, the melody is unique, especially in the beginning, when it feels like a C-sharp would fit better than the C-natural. If you listen to the original soundtrack version of the song, you will be able to hear it. Thanks for your comment!

      Best Wishes,



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