ERROR: title deleted



ERROR: title deleted


“It was my crime and I must pay for it”

“You are young and still have life to live; I am old and must soon die.”

“Please Grandfather, you must escape while you still can.”

The sound of a door opening and closing came from below.

“Quick! Give me your cloak! There is a rope just outside the window.”

“But Grandfather. . .”

“I do this because I love you. Go swiftly my son!”

The door creaked open just as the boy swung out the window.

He still had time.

There was still hope.

If only he could find that mango tree, he could

ERROR: it seems

that the remainder of

this masterpiece was lost

to meaningless characters

in the file conversion process.

please accept this emoticon

as a consolation for your trouble.




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