This is Revolution



This is Revolution


It’s time we stood up

to all those naysayers

who sit down.

Tell me who’s right:

the peanut butter or the jelly?

Lobsters! All of them.

Snapping like overstrung rubber-bands.

Guess what? It’s time to show them

who’s got the best aim with a rubber-band.

Pour on that vitamin D.

Drown them in sunlight so deep

they’ll be screaming “Trix are for kids”

before they ever fall asleep.

And when they do, they better pray,

pray we brought our erasers,

‘cause I can draw a smiley face

in permanent ink on a cardboard box

shorter than any of you.

Are you with me?


Take your thumbtack to the world

And sing the song of freedom.

Staple it to the ground.

Remember: A gourd well-grown is a soup in the fire.

Love this like tinfoil;

Let it broil,

and when it’s cooked,

smell the grass

and know that




This is Revolution.



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