Morning in Paris

Free sheet music download of my newest piece “Morning in Paris”! Click HERE.

If you record yourself playing it, post a link to the video in the comments and I will share it here on Smiles in the Sky! Or leave a comment to say you downloaded it. (Those make me happy too.)

If you like this piece, you can find more free sheet music HERE.

About “Morning in Paris”

“Morning in Paris” was an exploration in writing music around a motif. The motif I chose was a simple ‘down-up-down’ pattern of two eighth notes and a half note. If you listen or read carefully, you can find it repeated 48 times in a recognizable form transposed or inverted. There are even more instances of the motif if you take into account stretched or fragmented versions of the motif.

I didn’t go into the piece planning to write about Paris. Instead, I wanted to evoke a certain mood—wonder-filled, mysterious, beautiful, and a little melancholy. In the end, the image became one of wandering through a old city, with a rich past in the crisp morning air. I found myself utilizing techniques from Debussy and Chopin, both of whom spent a large amount of time in Paris. Thus, the piece came to be called “Morning in Paris”.


image credit: Erin Hill


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