May 2018—Update

Hello Friends,

I have decided to try out monthly updates to let you know what kind of projects I’m working on and to do a better job connecting with visitors. Here’s a quick update:

Upcoming Publication

As a winner in the 2018 David O. McKay Essay Contest, my essay “Three Minutes” will be appearing in this year’s collection. It is scheduled for release August 2018. Stay posted for more information and a giveaway!


I have started to post individual book and movie reviews. I will put these out from time to time. Everything I read or watch influences how I think about and approach creative projects. These reviews give me a chance to reflect on that interaction and to connect with others who care about the same kind of things I do. It also provides a safe place for dialogue. Did you read the same book or see the same movie? Let me know what you think in the comments. To view recent reviews, click HERE.


I am nearly finished with sheet music for one of my favorite pieces I’ve written. Be on the lookout for the sheet music for “Scarlet” this summer. If you missed the most recent sheet music, be sure to check out “Morning in Paris” HERE.


Over the past three months I have been working on an essay about creativity and my thoughts on the creative process. This essay entitled “The Double-Decker Couch” should appear on this site soon.

Adventure in Paris

My wife and I will be spending the summer in Paris and I am going to write about it. Be on the lookout for the nonfiction account of our adventures. If you like travel, essays, or France, I will be writing for you.

The Book

This is the first time I have mentioned this project on the blog—I am working on a middle-grade fiction book. Over the past two years I have plotted the course of the book, carefully growing it from the seed of a poem I have since lost. I am 22% of the way to hitting my 80,000 word goal for the first draft. It is both exciting and daunting to tackle a project of this size, but I’ve been trying to keep it in perspective. However, I still manage to find ways to distract myself from making consistent progress on the book by writing other things.

That’s all for this month. Watch for new posts every Friday!

Until next time,





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