Legion – Book Review

Legion is a novella by Brandon Sanderson. My favorite thing about Legion was its length; my wife and I read it out loud to each other over one weekend. I love novellas because you can read them in a short amount of time and still get the experience of reading a novel. Although Brandon Sanderson usually writes fantasy, this novella is not. The genre is tricky to pinpoint, but it fits somewhere between spy fiction and YA mystery thriller.

Legion is the first in a trio of novellas about Stephen Leeds, a schizophrenic genius. He hallucinates “aspects”, each of whom is an expert in a field. With the help of his aspects, Leeds solves mysteries. Complete with a butler and a mansion, the story scratched my mystery-genre itch. If you like like the Alex Rider or Artemis Fowl series, you will probably like Legion.

While I loved how long the novella took to read, my one major critique is that the plot felt a little rushed. I wanted to spend a little more time in the story, and I thought it jumped too quickly through major plot points. That being said, I give Legion 4/5 stars on my 5-star scale. There are a few minor curse words, although characters in the story make certain to point out that foul language is not acceptable. I would recommend Legion for readers in middle school or above.

So, if you have a hankering for mystery and your short on time, give Legion a try!



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