Everything I Know about London (is probably wrong)

I’m ashamed to admit that I know close to nothing about London. Sure, I know that there is a bridge there that’s always falling down and that Sherlock Holmes can be found at 221B Baker Street. I heard that Big Ben, the granddaddy of grandfather clocks, is under construction because it started to lean to one side. I heard they have a queen and double-decker buses and that they drive on the wrong side of the road and that you can catch the Hogwarts express from Kings Cross, but other than that, I’m flat-out ignorant.

Many of my favorite works of literature were penned by people in London. (Heck, the Bard Shakespeare himself worked there if my high school education is to be relied on.) In my head, there is a strange, uninformed picture of London. In the picture, it’s always raining. There’s a river that runs through town called the Thames (rhymes with yams). I imagine cobbled streets with carriages driving on the left, or taxis, depending on the decade. Everyone talks like Ed Sheeran and or Harry Baker and eats fish and chips (meaning French fries) and has tea in the afternoon.

London, of course, is so much more than a collage of stereotypical pop-culture bits. More than Abbey Road and Penny Lane. So I’m ready to be proven wrong as soon as the landing gear his the tarmac.

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