Children’s Book Illustrator Needed

Calling all artists and illustrators! Looking for a new project for your digital doodling hobby and hoping to get paid?  Are you new to illustrating and looking for a way to build your portfolio? Have you ever wanted to work produce artwork for a children’s book?

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, I have a proposal for YOU.

I have written a children’s picture book about three brothers and their quirky pets. I have the words, all that is missing now are the pictures. Which is where YOU come in, my dear artist friend.

The picture book will be self-published on Amazon and any revenue generated from the digital sales and use of the book will be split 50-50 with you, the illustrator.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this project or have questions, leave your contact info below or email me a sample of your work at

I look forward to reviewing your submissions.


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