How do you take a Mistake?

How do you take a mistake?

Does your face flush or pale? Do you shake?

Do you blame the salt

and claim it’s his fault

that you never learned to bake cake?


Do you think you’re a fluke or a fake?

Does the future look dim or opaque?

Though it’s not quite a nope,

do you hope beyond hope

the mistake will be gone when you wake?


Do you sweep it away like it’s dirt?

Do you break down because of the hurt?

You think it’s a waste

‘cause you think yours should taste

Like everyone else’s dessert?


Or do you recognize something’s at stake?

That tomorrow in bed when you wake,

It won’t end in ruin

because you’ve been doin’

your best to learn from your mistake.


How do you take a mistake?


This poem is the second of three related children’s poems. Read the first.

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