What do you do with a Yes?

What do you do with a yes?

Do you go around boasting success?

Are you overly loud?

Do you feel large and proud?

Do others around get depressed?

Do you tack up your Yes on the wall?

Do you think that it makes you look tall?

Do you think it’s your fate

That it went so great?

Can you claim to merit it all?

Or do you gratefully take in the Yes?

Do you feel like a fortunate guest?

Do you share what you’ve got

with those who have not

and just keep on doing your best?

‘Cause some days will pile on mistakes,

And some days are nopes, pains, and aches.

But they’ll all work for good

the way that they should

If you’re willing to do what it takes.

To lift and to love and forgive,

To be grateful, to smile and to live.

Do you take every Yes

And make it the best

Gift that somebody could give?

What do you do with a yes?


This poem is the third of three related children’s poems. Read the first. Read the second.


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