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Free “Let it Go” Sheet Music


A little while ago I posted this cover of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen. I have finally finished the sheet music for you to enjoy. It is below. Click the link and enjoy!

Let it Go

If the link is not working, the pdf can be found here (It may take a minute to load):

To listen to the computer play the sheet music:

A user requested sheet music with lyrics, so here is the link for the pdf of the music with English lyrics.

Let it Go (with lyrics)

The video url address is:



Let it Go

I recently saw Disney’s latest animated fairytale-musical Frozen and really enjoyed it. My favorite part of the whole production was definitely the music. One song in particular, “Let it Go”, left me speechless. I love the beauty, inspiration, and empowering message of the song, performed by Idina Menzel (known for her role as Elphaba in Wicked). The following clip is a video of my piano cover of “Let it Go”. I hope you enjoy it.


Go the Distance


I love the music in Disney’s Hercules. My favorite song from the film is “Go the Distance”. I love its message of perseverance and finding a place in the world. Here is an audio recording of a piano reduction of “Go the Distance”. Click the link below to download it.

The lyrics to “Go the Distance” go like this:

Go the Distance

I have often dreamed
Of a far-off place
Where a great warm welcome
Will be waiting for me
Where the crowds will cheer
When they see my face
And a voice keeps saying
This is where I’m meant to be

I will find my way
I can go the distance
I’ll be there someday
If I can be strong
I know ev’ry mile
Will be worth my while
I would go most anywhere
to feel like I belong

I am on my way
I can go the distance
I don’t care how far
Somehow I’ll be strong
I know ev’ry mile
Will be worth my while
I will go most anywhere
to find where I belong


I will beat the odds
I can go the distance
I will face the world
Fearless, proud and strong
I will please the gods
I can go the distance
Till I find my hero’s welcome
Right where I belong!

Lyric Credit: LetsSingIt

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“It was my crime and I must pay for it”

“You are young and still have life to live; I am old and must soon die.”

“Please Grandfather, you must escape while you still can.”

The sound of a door opening and closing came from below.

“Quick! Give me your cloak! There is a rope just outside the window.”

“But Grandfather. . .”

“I do this because I love you. Go swiftly my son!”

The door creaked open just as the boy swung out the window.

He still had time.

There was still hope.

If only he could find that mango tree, he could

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please accept this emoticon

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Got Gumption?


It’s Great if You’ve Got Gumption


It’s great if you’ve got gumption,

Good if you’ve got game.

Go-getters get gold medals,

But me? I feel the shame.


I just sit and google,

And ogle at the screen.

I’m just like a yellow light,

Who never turns to green.


It’s not that I lack patience,

It’s not that I lack time,

My apathetic lethargy,

Is my only crime.


So much to do it’s such a sin,

To sit. and sit. and sit.

So should I stop this silly game?

Should I save and quit?


If only to make memories,

If only to have fun,

If only to lift this weight,

I’ll go and get things done.


Not later, not tomorrow,

Not to say I got it done.

I have a life. I’ll live it.

And maybe have some fun.



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Aurora {audio}


“Aurora” is a song I wrote last year. It is a kind of prayer or wish for peace in the face of change and trouble. The vocals were done by Brodi Bateman. You can download the audio by clicking the link below.

Here are the lyrics:




Verse 1:          Out on the street in lamp-lit silence

With the sirens of days gone by

Whispers tell you the war is over

These are ghosts of a faded time

But the sidewalk cracks say there’s no looking back tomorrow.

And the foggy nights hide the helpless heights of sorrow.

Help me find a way.


Chorus:           Aurora Borealis harmony

Keep me from war and malice. Set me free.

Open my heart (and) let your colors in.

Aurora Borealis peace within.


Verse 2:          Out on the waves a lonely schooner

Captainless and cold as ice.

Whispers tell you that dawn is coming

Shining bright on a distant tide


The black and grey of yesterday are ashes,

Like the ocean foam that has no home and passes

Help me find a way. Hey, hey.


Chorus:           Aurora Borealis harmony

Keep me from war and malice. Set me free.

Open my heart (and) let your colors in.

Aurora Borealis peace within.


Bridge:            *Instrumental*


Breakdown:   Let my heart fly.                                 Aurora Borealis harmony

Let it go.                                               Keep me from war and malice.

Never touch the ground.                    Set me free.

Let your music fuel my life.               Open my heart & let you colors in

Write my story down. (4-6x)            Aurora Borealis peace within. (3)





Though I generally frown upon purely emotional poems, this one has a particularly warm place in my heart because it helped me get through a very hard day and realize that I had to forgive others.



Angry letters forced together.

It’s all I can do to keep from tearing them apart.

An inferno

in a box

that cannot be detained


The unknown steamrolls my emotions until they are

sticky and flat.

Twisted anticipation,

Gnawing its way through,

Trying                  to                        escape.

And that’s when I realize,

I have to let it go.