Let it Go

I recently saw Disney’s latest animated fairytale-musical Frozen and really enjoyed it. My favorite part of the whole production was definitely the music. One song in particular, “Let it Go”, left me speechless. I love the beauty, inspiration, and empowering message of the song, performed by Idina Menzel (known for her role as Elphaba in Wicked)…. Continue Reading →

The Goose Girl – Book Review

I began The Goose Girl with the expectation that it would be a “girl book” (largely because Shannon Hale, the book’s author, is known for writing princess books). I was pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that I enjoyed the book, and didn’t feel like it was distinctly “girly”. Now, when I say “girly” I am referring to… Continue Reading →

ERROR: title deleted

credit: simplecap.deviantart.com ERROR: title deleted   “It was my crime and I must pay for it” “You are young and still have life to live; I am old and must soon die.” “Please Grandfather, you must escape while you still can.” The sound of a door opening and closing came from below. “Quick! Give me your… Continue Reading →

Got Gumption?

  It’s Great if You’ve Got Gumption   It’s great if you’ve got gumption, Good if you’ve got game. Go-getters get gold medals, But me? I feel the shame.   I just sit and google, And ogle at the screen. I’m just like a yellow light, Who never turns to green.   It’s not that… Continue Reading →

Music Index

What’s New Beauty & the Beast Morning in Paris   Arrangements Fantastic Beasts Medley Let it Go Sheet Music Fireflies Sheet Music Beauty & the Beast   Original Piano Pieces Morning in Paris Preludium Snow Sprites {music} The Writer {a waltz} Airbourne Hero Grakštumas {Grace}   Songs Aurora {audio}   Recordings and Videos La Cathédrale… Continue Reading →

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