The Goose Girl – Book Review

I began The Goose Girl with the expectation that it would be a "girl book" (largely because Shannon Hale, the book's author, is known for writing princess books). I was pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that I enjoyed the book, and didn't feel like it was distinctly "girly". Now, when I say "girly" I am referring to... Continue Reading →


Legion – Book Review

Legion is a novella by Brandon Sanderson. My favorite thing about Legion was its length; my wife and I read it out loud to each other over one weekend. I love novellas because you can read them in a short amount of time and still get the experience of reading a novel. Although Brandon Sanderson usually writes... Continue Reading →

The Checkerboard, Snake-eyes, and the Fish

Checkerboard and Snake-eyes and the Fish Note: For our purposes, we will call the White side the top and the Yellow the bottom. I will refer to the horizontal planes from top to bottom as the Top, Horizontal Middle, and Bottom. The vertical layers will be called the Right-hand, Left-hand, and the Vertical Middle. Pre-requisite:... Continue Reading →

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