Books of 2021

This year I listened to many books and read a couple. Despite the emphasis on audiobooks, I still say that I have "read" a book when I've actually listened to it. Here's a list of the books I consumed this year along with a short note about each. To Sleep in a Sea of Stars... Continue Reading →

Shadows of Self—Book Review

Never fear, no spoilers here! Shadows of Self is the 5th Mistborn book, the second in the Wax and Wayne series by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. It follows rough-and-tumble lawman Waxilliam "Wax" Ladrian in an old west-inspired setting as he grapples with an unknown foe who appears bent on bringing down the city. Here are... Continue Reading →

The Father Christmas Letters—Book Review

As always, this review is spoiler-free! The Father Christmas Letters is a compilation of letters by author J.R.R. Tolkien to his children written under the guise of Father Christmas (Santa Clause). The letters span the years 1925–38 and contain original artwork by Tolkien. Here are some of my impressions of The Father Christmas Letters: Glimpses of The Lord... Continue Reading →

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