Dos Oruguitas – Sheet Music

I enjoyed the music in Disney's animated feature Encanto. The music, which was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is arranged here as a musicbox-style lullaby to be played on a kalimba, though other C-Major instruments could easily adapt it. Hope you enjoy it! —M.M. dos_oruguitasDownload

Dune—Sheet Music

My favorite film of 2021 was Dune: Part 1. Hans Zimmer did a great job creating a score that sounds both alien and desert-like. This is an arrangement of some of my favorite themes from the score for piano. You can find a PDF of the sheet music below as well as a link to... Continue Reading →

Come Thou Fount—Sheet Music I recently arranged the classic Christian hymn "Come Thou Fount". After several requests, I put together a quick video as well as PDF sheet music, available for free download. This music is appropriate for worship services and concert settings alike. If you choose to use the arrangement, I would ask that you give proper... Continue Reading →

I Just Can’t Wait to be King—The Lion King—Piano Drumming In light of the newest Disney rendition of The Lion King, I thought it would be fun to revisit this cover of "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from several years back. This arrangement is the only one I've ever used piano drumming in. (Skip to 1:11 if you want to see the piano... Continue Reading →

“Remember Me” from Disney Pixar’s Coco   For free sheet music, click on the link below: Remember Me Sheet Music If you like this, you might also like "Let it Go" from Frozen: Find more free sheet music HERE. If you make a video of yourself playing this piece, put a link in the comments and I will post... Continue Reading →

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