Books of 2021

This year I listened to many books and read a couple. Despite the emphasis on audiobooks, I still say that I have "read" a book when I've actually listened to it. Here's a list of the books I consumed this year along with a short note about each. To Sleep in a Sea of Stars... Continue Reading →

The Monocle Review

First, some background. I love funny reviews. Plop me in front of a solid list of odd-ball, mis-fire, indignant reviews, and I'll sit there and laugh and laugh and laugh. Some writing friends and I were talking about online glasses and contact retailers and a perfect, beautiful review popped into my head. I wrote it... Continue Reading →

Monarch Dreams

One cocoon, three weeks, and eight monarch dreams later— one windowsill moth. —M.M. Have you checked out @thescifihaiku on Instagram yet? I'm still doing other projects, but that is where most of the exciting stuff if happening these days.Photo Source: Here

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